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There is live music and then there is live music. There is really no comparison. If you want to make the biggest splash at your reception, live music is what you want to book. One of the best gifts you could give yourself at your wedding is a professional band that knows how to work a crowd and can play your special songs too. A live band will set the tone from start to finish and if everything is done right, you reception will be remembered not just by you, but by all of your guests for years to come. There are plenty of professional wedding bands in the Greensboro area, you just need to find one that meshes with your wants and that will give you the time of your life. Here are a few tips to hopefully make that happen.

The first tip is an absolute must

Any band that you are considering for your wedding, you should make a point of going to see them in a live performance. While you probably can't go and see them at someone else's wedding, most bands perform at more gigs than just weddings. Find out times and places where they are performing and make a date of it. This should be extremely educational. You will get to see their persona onstage and how they work a crowd. You will be able to evaluate their sound levels and how their sound equipment comes across. You will want to pay attention to every little detail so you will be able to compare them with other bands you are considering. If it doesn't work out where you can go and see them, ask the band if you could possibly sit in on a practice session or see if they are open to a three song audition.

You will want to pin down your favorite genre of music

Find bands that are adept at that particular genre and can give you the sound you are looking for. If they are really good at one or two types of music, usually they will be really polished in how they perform. At the same time, you want to make sure they can break out of that genre for just a few special songs that you might want played at the wedding.

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This cannot be overstated. A written contract can protect you just as much as it does the band. You will want to sit down and go over everything written in the contract so that both sides understand exactly what each other's responsibilities are. Listed in black and white should be items like price, hours the band will play, number of breaks, cancellation policy, what the band wears, and much more. If you are asking for anything extra that is outside of a package the band offered, make sure it is spelled out in the contract. If there is anything you do not understand in the contract, then make sure you ask about it. We hope these tips help with your wedding band search.

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One quick note here, if your heart is set on live music with a live band, when you book a venue, make sure you ask if the location can handle a live band with the setup that would be needed in terms of a stage and electrical hookups. Also, ask the band to schedule their sound checks for a time before your guests arrive, this will be much more pleasant for your guests.

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