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Lets see, you have checked off your venue and your wedding photographer. Now you are looking for a Wedding DJ that can rock out your reception. You want your guests to remember your wedding as one of the best they have ever been to and one way to make sure that happens is to hire a Wedding DJ that can blow everyone out of the water. Now, the trick is this, how to find such a performer. You have looked up Wedding DJ in a number of sources for the Greensboro area and you are just not sure where to begin. Do you just start calling random DJs from a to z? We have a few thoughts on the matter that might help you in your search.

One of your main considerations should be to find a wedding DJ that can do more than just play music

You really want to probe into this deeply. If all they can do is play music, then you might as well just bring in an iPod player connected to a nice speaker and let it roll. You want much more than this, you want a a personality that can be the emcee and and do a great job of controlling the flow of events and activities during the reception. You also want a person that knows how to get the crowd into the festivities without being irritating and off-putting. The last thing you want are guests running away from your reception because the DJ they hired has fallen in love with the microphone or tells lame jokes when he should be worried about the success of your wedding reception.

One thing you want your Wedding DJ to really understand is how to create a timeline for the entire evening

When you sit down with a potential Wedding DJ, you will want to pick their brain and have them write out a sample timeline based on a few things you tell them. Evaluate whether you like the flow of what they give you and whether they seem to understand when to stop for photographs or the cake cutting. One thing you might want to consider is hiring a two person DJ team. The reason for this is to have one be the main emcee while the other DJ focuses on the music. They can coordinate the details and work in sync as one tells the other when its time to break in after the next song. A two person team can also help with the setup time and teardown depending on what time constraints your venue gives you.

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If someone makes a claims to you that they can be your photographer, DJ, florist, and cake baker, run the other way fast. It is rare that you can have the best of each service from one single vendor. Our suggestion is to look for each separately and find an expert in each respective field. One last word to the wise. When you find the DJ you really like and the one that you feel will provide you with the best service for your wedding, book them right away. The good ones have their calendar fill up fast.

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