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A wedding florist can be an extremely important part of your overall wedding design. Believe us when we say, if you did not have beautifully created flower arrangements at your wedding, you would notice in a big way. So, take the search for a wedding florist very seriously. And don't let an aunt or cousin tell you they know flowers so leave it up to them. That could be a real disaster. If you haven't searched for a florist before, though, there are some things you will want to keep in mind as you do your research. The Greensboro area has the wedding florist for you we are certain of that, it will just take some footwork by you to find the right one.

There are some specific questions that you should ask when you start talking to potential florists

Spend the first 20 minutes or so talking about their background. How many years have they been doing it? What made them get into the business? What kind of training did they receive? You want to ask specifically about wedding experience, how many have they done? The last thing you want is a newbie designing your wedding flowers.

Spend a good deal of time talking about styles

Find out what their signature style is and if they are adept at any other styles. You don't want a mismatch here. You want someone who understands exactly what your vision is. If after a few minutes of talking, you realize that the person is more interested in their own ideas than yours, then you will want to talk to another candidate. Don't try to work with anyone that does not try to understand your vision and that does not try to take into account your desires.

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Look at what they have done for other weddings. This can go a long way in telling you what kind of actual work the florist is capable of and whether its someone that can make your vision come alive. Also, check if the florist has ever worked at your chosen ceremony and reception locations. If they have, this can be a real advantage because they will understand the challenges of the venues. Also, because of this, they may be able to provide you with special design ideas that fit these venues that might not work at other places.

You are probably working with a budget. So, when you start talking about money, ask them what kind of packages they have and whether they are able to work within your budget numbers. Some will be very accommodating. Talk specifically about how their fees are set. There can be real differences here. Some charge by the piece, some by the arrangement, and some by the project. Also, keep in mind that one way you can save a lot of money is to use flowers that are in season.

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When talking to a florist, many people only think about flowers, but some florists actually provide a lot of extras if you are interested. Ask about items like candle holders, candles, aisle runners, and more. These can be very nice accent pieces. One last thing, make sure there are no hidden fees. The quote they give you should include everything including delivery fees and teardown.

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